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Andrea Grieveson has been a medium and astrological consultant specializing in character astrology for more than thirty years.
She has been a regular speaker on local radio, given countless talks to various groups and has appeared on cable TV.
The focus of her psychic mediumship is to help you discover Past lives using her abilities as a Past Life Psychic - and as an Astrologer, using her view of the characteristics of star signs she can draw up your  Astrological Chart and read it.

Should you wish to contact Andrea about any of the following, then you can   email andrea grieveson and ask for details.

Pastlife Channelling
One to One Workshop
You can send Questions to Andrea via email Astrology - Chart Interpretation

Books written by Andrea Grieveson

real life after death experiences

'Read How We Died' is a book like no other you will have read. Through its pages you will come to understand that the physical life we are familiar with is but an episode in the life of your real Spiritual Self. From reading the experiences of the people in this book you will understand that we do not experience death. The contents of 'Read How We Died' were received through automatic writing by medium Andrea Grieveson.

Available now as a Paperback and Kindle from Amazon.   read how we died on amazon

For more information on 'Read How We Died'   read how we died

a look at Andrea Grieveson's life through reincarnation

Andrea has written 'A Series of Past Lives' - which shows how the Past Lives of herself and husband Alan, have affected their present life today.

Available now as a Paperback and Kindle from Amazon.   past lives - reincarnation

If you want to read a sample Chapter -   read a series of past lives

And now experience  'A Haunting' when Alan & Andrea visit a friend's business premises. - haunted place - hull

author realistic numerology Alan Grieveson has been a 'Trance Medium' for many years focusing mainly on the Philosophy of Life and Death.
He is also a Tarot reader developing his own technique and author of Realistic Tarot - an easy way to read cards available as a small ebook on Kindle.
Alan has also written a book after many years research on Numerology which is currently available in paperback and Kindle - The Complete Realistic Numerology.

                 Books written  by Alan Grieveson

The reality of numerology  and its historyrealistic numerology

The Complete Realistic Numerology.

This new and exciting new book reveals a realistic - History of Numerology, and a new way of looking at Numerology.

A tabulated analysis of thousands of people in careers showing you exactly how the numbers define your career, - a new way of defining personality.

numerology - character profile

Available now as a Paperback and Kindle from Amazon.


Realistic Numerology Calculator


A stand alone calculation program that allows you to create the numbers from your Name and Date of Birth according to the Chaldean Matrix.

Once downloaded it requires no internet connection, there are no extra costs it is completely free to use and give away. 

Click this link: Real Number Calculator. You can either Run it or ‘Save Target’ to download.


To use, simply enter your names in either Capitals or lower case and your Date of Birth.

Once you press Calculate on the menu bar the Consonant values appear on the left of the display by the names and Vowels on the right.

You can Reset to clear the old values or simply overtype the names etc. Should you wish to you can Print off the results.

Any queries email me at


tarot reading using your inate talents

FREE PDF ebook -Tarot Reading is about you.’

To obtain this free to use and distribute copy simply Click on the link and ‘Save Target’ to download.   tarot reading

Science Fiction by the same author.

Kadeyckaries the best scifi for years


  When the Tharion Class vessel Kadeyckaries  lands on an isolated, drought stricken farm in Texas they had but one immediate concern - Where were they?

Henry Drake believed that  life was currently  a disaster and could get any worse - as soon as he saw the enormous craft he thought otherwise.

The military and politicians had spent years suppressing the idea that UFOs were real - with this new reality they saw  an opportunity to sieze  a higher technology.

The crew of the grounded vessel  comprehended little  about the strange beings around them - their actions were directed at discovering where they were and with that knowledge find a way home.

Only the Goddess of Clemency - Kadeyckaries - herself knew why she had brought her vessel to that location, at that particular time.


Available now as a Paperback and Kindle from Amazon.

Shadows of Kadeyckaries Shadows of Kadeyckaries

The story continues from where we left the Kadeyckaries and her crew.

With their new found knowledge they must re-evaluate their own lives and the history of their people.

The mission they commenced must now be completed but in doing so they uncover a plot that threatens not only the Union but also the Elckiseethi themselves.

As they follow the clues they are inexorably drawn towards the reality of the start of their mission and in doing so brings them face to face with the Goddess Kadeyckaries.

Available now as a Paperback and Kindle from Amazon.

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